FarmEats farm animals live their entire life on the Sweet Tree Farm. 

Frank Johnson's Sweet Tree Farm is a 200-acre family farm in beautiful Schoharie County, New York.

We are committed to sustainable farming methods and raise our animals naturally and stress-free.  We do not use growth hormones or routinely use antibiotics.
Our beef is 100% grass fed and finished, with no grain and no confinement, ever.
We have spent more than a decade improving our land and our herd to ensure that we produce a consistent, high-quality, year-round supply of grass fed beef. 

After slaughter at the small family owned, humane butcher, The Double L Ranch (20 minutes away from the Sweet Tree Farm),  the beef sides are aged and tenderized for 2 weeks.  Then the beef is custom cut by Lowell, and USDA inspected at the Double L Ranch, vacuum packed, and fresh flash frozen, at 0 degrees, to ensure no bacteria growth. 

The terroir of Sweet Tree Farm affects the taste of the meat of the farm animals.  Like a fine wine, the quality of; the grasses, climate, soil, terrain, and knowing the right time to "harvest" the animals is the key to the fine quality of Sweet Tree Farm animals.  

All of our farm partners are part of the Eat Wild community.