FarmEats in Wee Westchester! Recipe for Sizzling Fajitas!


FarmEats’ Recipe for Sizzling Fajitas


DECEMBER 9, 2014

Local Larchmont resident, Drew George, created FarmEats to make it easier and more affordable to buy local New York farm-raised, grass-fed beef. Their clean and simple website makes it easy for local Westchester County consumers to directly purchase farm products online, which are then delivered directly to your home. All of FarmEats farm partners are part of the Eat Wild community, and provide hormone & antibiotic-free meat from humanely-raised farm animals.

FarmEats also offers recipes for fun, healthy and easy ways to enjoy farm raised, grass fed beef.  Here’s one of their favorites for crowd-pleasin’ fajitas:


FarmEats Grass Fed Sandwich Steaks are sliced paper thin.  Their 1 lb. packages can serve a family of 4.

In the morning, take a package of Grass Fed Sandwich Steak out of the freezer to defrost.

Closer to dinner time; slice up a red and green pepper, an onion, a medium fresh tomato, and a few scallions.

Take out the defrosted slices of grass fed beef and set them on a meat cutting board. Cut the beef slices into quarters.

Sautée the peppers and onions in olive oil, and leave to rest in the pan.

On the stove top, heat an iron skillet with olive oil, salt and pepper, then add the beef to the pan.  Sautée the beef for about 2 minutes, then with a pair of tongs flipped the beef over and cooked the other side for another 2 minutes.

Grate pepper jack cheese into a bowl, and warm up 8 soft corn tortillas

Put the peppers, onions, tomatoes, and beef into separate bowls, and serve them up! Serve with your favorite hot sauce, a bit of cheese, and lots of beef!

Check out FarmEats at the Main Street Market at the Westchester County Center on December 14th! Find out more at or contact Drew directly at