BBQ Grass Fed T-Bone Steak!

The snow has finally melted enough to fire up the grill!


This weekend, we took out a couple of FarmEats Grass Fed T-Bone steaks, to defrost.  We sprinkled some Marisol hand harvested sea salt on the steaks, while they warmed up to room temperature.  Then we fired up the grill, and let it heat up for about 10 minutes.  After the grill warmed up, we carried the steaks out to the grill, and placed the steaks on the grill.  

We grilled the steaks for about 2 minutes per side, with the grill lid open.  Then we shut off all of the burners and closed the lid, and let the steaks roast for 4 minutes further.  Then we removed the steaks from the grill, brought them inside, and let them rest under a cover for about 10 minutes.  

Perfect medium rare doneness!

Ready to slice!  We sliced the steaks against the grain- parallel to the bone, into strips and then we were ready to plate and serve!  We served the steaks with some baked potatoes that we had put into the 400 degree oven an hour before, which became nice and soft.