Bronxville Farmers' Market: FarmEats Sells Beef from Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised Animals

Farmeats at the Bronxville Farmers Market

By Mary Liz Mulligan, Market Manager, Bronxville Farmers' Market 

Jun. 3, 2015:  Another newcomer to the Bronxville Farmers' Market (BFM) this season is FarmEats. Drew George, who lives in Larchmont, was on a mission to bring beef from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals in an affordable manner to Westchester residents. After doing his homework diligently, he formed a very well-run business working with two local farms, Sweet Tree Farm in Carlisle, NY, and Lowland Farm in Warwick, NY, and for processing, LL Ranch, which is 20 minutes away from Sweet Tree Farm. When cows reach age 2 1/2, they are sent for processing. They are never given hormones and are given antibiotics only when necessary because of illness. The same family has farmed Sweet Tree Farm for two generations.  

The beef is aged for two weeks and then flash frozen to zero degrees and vacuum packed. Meats will last up to twelve months in the freezer. All are USDA approved and are stamped. 

Drew has a Beef-of-the Month Club, which gives you the option of ordering your beef online and delivered to your home within two days ($8 fee) or picking it up at the BFM (NO fee!).  You can check out this option in more detail at

As I always have done, I have tried several cuts of what FarmEats has to offer and I can honestly say that they are superb! And they also have beef bones so you can now prepare your own home brew of the new craze--bone broth--as long as you have a day to dedicate to guarding your stove! As soon as the weather breaks, that IS on my list of to-dos. 

We had burgers last week, and as soon as I put them on the grill, I realized that that was the aroma I remember from my childhood . . . many, many moons ago. When I took a bite, I realized that this IS how we used to eat! Beef from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals! That was all there was to offer--thank goodness! Then the world became obsessed with the "quick fix." You know the rest of the story.  

I find it very scary to go into the center of supermarkets and read labels and realize that this is what we are eating . . . and this is what we are feeding our developing children. It is alarming. I shop only the perimeter of supermarkets when I have to use them! The old adage rings true--You Are What You Eat.

Why Eat Beef from Grass-Fed, Pasture-Raised Animals?

  • No need for added hormones.

  • Antibiotic-free.

  • Rotational pasture-raised cows eating grasses their entire life.

  • Humanely raised farm animals not crowded into unsanitary feedlots.

  • Saturated and monounsaturated: Beef from grass-fed animals has saturated and monounsaturated fats in amounts that are similar to, or slightly less than, those in beef from grain-fed animals.

  • Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fats: Beef from grass-fed animals and beef from grain-fed animals contain very similar amounts of omega-6 fatty acids.

  • Omega-3s: This is where grass-fed really makes a major difference, containing up to five times as much Omega-3.

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): Grass-fed contains about two times as much CLA as grain-fed. This fatty acid is associated with reduced body fat and some other beneficial effects.

  • Vitamins B12, B3, and B6. It is also very rich in highly bioavailable iron, selenium, and zinc.

  • Vitamin A: Grass-fed contains carotenoid precursors to Vitamin A, such as beta-carotene.

  • Vitamin E:  Grass-fed contains more Vitamin E than grain-fed, which is an antioxidant that sits in your cell membranes and protects them from oxidation.

  • Micronutrients: Grass-fed also contains more potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and sodium.

  • Grass-fed contains some amount of almost every nutrient that humans need to survive.

  • Grass-fed also contains high-quality protein and various lesser-known nutrients like creatine and carnosine, which are very important for our muscles and brains.

  • Lean, less fat, and lower calories gram for gram vs. feedlot grain-fed.

  • Great natural "beefy, dark meat, earthy, and grassy taste."

  • "Tastes like beef not fat!"

For more information on the benefits of pasture-based and grass-fed farming, go to Both farms are part of the Eat Wild community (   

When I reflect on how the BFM has grown in the past fourteen years and how much I have learned, I realize that things weren't so bad way back when! I neither need nor want all the "quick fixes" out there.

I am more than happy to go back to basics. What's the rush? 

Relax . . . eat more beef . . . just make sure it's the healthy choice. You will really enjoy it and won't have to take out a loan to purchase it!

Pictured here:  Drew George, who runs FarmEats.

Photo by Mary Liz Mulligan, Market Manager, Bronxville Farmers' Market