FarmEats Grass Fed Beef Chorizo Sausage!

New from FarmEats;
100% Grass Fed Beef Chorizo!

Our Chorizo is Mexican style, which is fresh, uncooked, uncased spicy beef sausage.  

So you can form it into; burger patties/hotdogs/kofte
 for the grill, meat balls for pizza or pasta, or crumble the chorizo into a pan and sear it for tacos, enchiladas, also, sauté with fresh veggies, and paella.  If there is any left over, goes very nicely for breakfast, stir fried with eggs and toast, so many options!   

(Spanish Chorizo is cured pork and/or beef,  smoked and cased and can be sliced and cooked or eaten as is.) 

The chorizo is mixed at my USDA inspected butcher, the Double L ranch, and Lowell uses; no artificial preservatives/ingredients, or funky stuff!  

The cayenne pepper makes the chorizo nice and hot and spicy, perfect for these hot summer time days and nights!

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