FarmEats Grass Fed Beef Seared Sirloin Steak!

FarmEats Grass Fed Beef Seared Sirloin Steak!

FarmEats Grass Fed Beef Sirloin Steak

One of our favorite FarmEats grass fed beef steaks is the sirloin steak.

The boneless sirloin is cut from the hindquarters of the cow, and is part of the loin. Which also includes the tenderloin, and the NY strip and porterhouse steak.  All of these parts are not worked as much and therefor the connective tissue is much softer than other parts. 

The boneless sirloin steak is one of our favorite cuts because the lean softness of the sirloin brings out the rich grass fed flavors of the steak (although not as much as the hanger/skirt/tri tip or other tighter cuts).  Also, the sirloin sears so well, and it is easy to slice in uniform pieces (which is great for family serving sizes or parties).  

We let the olive oiled and salted steak rise up to about room temperature on a cutting board.  Then sear on a hot cast iron, oiled pan for 5 minutes and then flip for another 4 minutes, then let rest under an aluminum foil tent on a cutting board for about 4 minutes.  Saut√© some fresh spinach and Brussel sprouts while you wait!

Then slice the steak into quarter inch thick pieces and plate with the veggies.  Serve the steak and enjoy!