FarmEats Grass Fed Pulled Beef!

FarmEats 100% Grass Fed Pulled Beef Chuck Roast!

FarmEats Grass Fed Pulled Beef

FarmEats 100% Grass Fed Beef Chuck Roast, is expertly cut and trimmed by my butcher Lowell.  The roast is cut from the shoulder of the beef.  The cow's shoulder gets lots of exercise, from walking around and grazing in the fields.  After years of grazing the bountiful, Carlisle NY farm pasture, the cow's shoulder builds up strong connective tissues, and fat.  

Which all makes for an awesome, slow and low braised chuck roast!  For these chilly, stormy days, I love braising meats in the oven. As the meat tenderizes in the braising liquid (wine, bone broth, tomatoes, salt, etc) at a low 285 degrees heat, for several hours, the meat softens up and makes rich and savory dishes.