FarmEats Holiday Grass Fed Beef Roasts!

FarmEats 100% Grass Fed Beef Roasts;

Prime Rib Roast, Brisket, and Bottom Round Pot Roast!

FarmEats Holiday Grass Fed Beef Roasts! Perfect for the holidays!

Whether you have  a small intimate family gathering or everyone from Uncle Chris to Grandma Donnie, FarmEats grass fed beef roasts are sure to be a hit!

Can use the old-timey family recipe for pot roast or brisket handed down from generation to generation, always a safe bet!
Or can check out a few online recipes and compare them.

Can pick up our FarmEats grass fed beef brisket, pot roast, and/or prime rib roast;

on Saturday April 8th at the Irvington Farmers Market 9am to 1pm

or on Sunday April 9th at The Souk Market in Piermont NY 11am to 3pm! 

To ensure that we have what you need; please email Drew at to reserve a roast, and/or can buy online at and we will deliver it to you!

FarmEats grass fed beef brisket