FarmEats; Grass Fed Beef of the Month Club!

Grass Fed Beef of the Month Club!

Why join?

  • Free membership.

  • Order 11 months of grass fed beef, get the next order free! Average value of 11 months of orders, equals 12th free monthly order.

  • Totally flexible, the 11 months of orders do not have to be in a row, we will keep track of your orders, and will advise when the 11th order has occurred, to get the 12th order free!

  • Simple to use, each month order from different combinations of grass fed, pasture raised beef, or you can choose the same order each month of your favorite grass fed beef, its up to you! FarmEats will deliver the order to you, for free -if the order is greater than $100.  If the order is less than $100 there is a $8 delivery fee.

  • Great gift idea! Give FarmEats Grass Fed Beef of the Month Club to friends, families, clients, Paleo cave-people, and/or other grass fed beef lovers!