Tastes Like Spring!

Tastes Like Spring!

tastes like spring

Tastes Like Spring! 

FarmEats Sautéed Chorizo, Shiitakes, and Onions, over Organic Micro-Greens,

Fresh organic micro-greens
from Deep Roots Farm, tastes like spring sunshine and fresh earth! 

We sautéed up some FarmEats grass fed chorizo and Dan Madura Farms shiitake mushrooms, along with some pickled Deep Roots onions, and then served them over a bed of Deep Roots Farms micro-greens!  

The sautéed spicy chorizo, and pickled onions along with the earthy shiitakes complimented the fresh micro-greens nicely. 

The fresh, just picked micro-greens are so very lively,

and taste like spring!